I’m inspired by the genius of nature and build things that make me smile  I attempt to use the simplest language and smallest words possible.  Life is big and complex enough as it is.  I make things and do not spend much time talking about or explaining them.


I was born and raised in Texas

BFA Univ Tx in Austin

Apprenticed with Sculptor Luis Jimenez

I’ve lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area since the summer of 95

Been in my current studio Xian Productions since 2001 in Berkeley Ca.

I build large fun and playful interactive sculptures. Some have permanent homes here and abroad and some just travel quite a bit.

Anything and everything I ever create first comes through me in the form of a sketch.  I have volumes of sketchbooks.  I draw daily.  All of the drawings and paintings on the site however are from 1990-2000.

Apologies if I don’t credit proper photographers for their amazing images.  If it wasn’t for them I’d probably have few if any images of my work.