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  1. Karla Robles
    Karla Robles says:

    HI Michael I am a college student at San Bernardino Valley College majoring in Art I am taking a sculpture class this year and my teacher Ross gave us a assignment to write about two of our our favorite sculptors and and compare and contrast and u are certainly one of my favorites you inspire people like myself with all your art work and your absolutely the best I have seen your work is certainly unique and eye capturing

    -Karla Robles 2013

  2. Jenny P. Knox
    Jenny P. Knox says:

    ‘Home’ is a magnificent work of art. It is a form that we are instinctively drawn toward. You have really captured the feeling of home, and wonder and excitement, like the way we feel when we travel to other parts of the globe, and then come back home. Can you share with us how your travels and the place you call home inspire your art?


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